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Dear Visitor, as you landed on this page, this means you were on the search for specific referral codes to benefit from discounts or other benefits for a specific solution. As this Referral site of me for now isn't directly linked from my homepage, you most likely landed here via a search engine search.

For the time beeing this is intended, as I also plan to write some reviews or blogs to those solutions I'm obviously also using by myself. As I didn't find the time to do so yet, I already publish the referral codes via search engine, and will link them later on my website menu, once the according reviews/blog articles got finished.

However - if you are considerung to use one of those solutions below, feel free to already use those referral codes to benefit


Referral Bonus: After verification and first deposit you should get a "rubber ticket" within the app to rub free and receive up to 100 €
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Referral Bonus: After first deposit you should receive a CHF 30.- bonus
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Referral Bonus: Kucoin is little complicated with referral code benefits. As you can enter or test various cdes in Kucoin, simply try what you get.
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Referral Bonus: 5% fee discount on all your trades
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Referral Bonus: -10% discount for the first purchase of monthly subscription
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